[request] Detailed US budget data



Dear OKFN community

I am looking for detailed data US budget data similar to the UK OSCAR database that provides gigabites of detailed data in several dimensions.

The data used to calculate the US Open Data Index is not detailed enough for my purpose, it usually shows only one agreagate number per governmnet agency without further details.

I have done lot of searching but so far I could not find any public US database with detailed government/federal budget data. I will be grateful for any help.


@LondonDare are you interested solely in budget data? You might find more detailed spending data. Have you checked https://www.usaspending.gov/?

@anderspeders1 @anderspeders do you have any insight into budget and spending data in the US?


There is actually some very interesting data. I will process and see, but, do you happen to know, along with:

  • Contracts
  • Grants
  • Loans
  • Other Financial Assistance

what else am I missing to get the total of given organisation’s budget? For instance salaries?


Hi @LondonDare. It really depends on the organization type (profit, non-profit, government etc), however you’d generally include salaries, rent, supplies, utilities, equipment, phone etc.

Specifically for governments, you could check the Government Finance Statistics Manual (check online).