Should Open Knowledge Australia become an Open Knowledge Chapter?

There are levels you transition through from starting an Open Knowledge Local Group to becoming a Chapter. There are criteria to meet before you can become a Chapter.

The criteria include the following (with links to Australia’s standing):

  • Be established for a year. (Done - Blogging since 2012. Probably should add History to the web site.)
  • Be a Registered legal entity.
  • That the group throughout that year has shown a consistent level of activities (for instance, but not limited to, running events, being active online, initiating or contributing to projects either locally or internationally, etc. (done).
  • That the group has a leadership team established; this may be one group or two depending on the organisational structure. For example: a Board of Directors or similar who have oversight over the organisation; an executive team who run the organisation day to day; or both. Most groups structures will work as long as responsibilities and communication channels are clear and well-defined. (done).
  • That a documented group of members or followers are on board and willing to contribute. This might include roles such as the following (although there are no fixed requirements): Local Group lead, Community Coordinator, Blog editor/website editor, Webministrator/sysadmin, Events/Meetups coordinator, Project Coordinator, Treasurer, Fundraiser, etc. - (done).
  • That the group has shown active engagement with the global “open movement” and the Open Knowledge global network (for Open Knowledge Local Groups this could be by through representation on the International Council and/or through posting regularly to the international network mailing list(s), taking part in other shared international activities, taking part in regional hangouts, etc). - (done, done and done).
  • That the group has kept its website up to date and manages to display their activities to the public. (done).
  • That the group is able to demonstrate their engagement with their local/national “open movement” community. (done)
  • For Open Knowledge Local Groups, that the groups has kept the terms listed in the Code of Conduct. (done).
  • Signed the Local Group Code of Conduct. (status unknown)

Is Australia ready to become an Open Knowledge Chapter?

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Thanks @stephen. I’ll add this to the agenda for the Board meeting next Tuesday and we can take it from there. I’d say, as you have very helpfully demonstrated, we are ready :slight_smile:

I’ll contact OKI and get a copy of the code of conduct for review and signing. Assuming the OKAU Board are happy to proceed from next week then it should be straight forward.



We need to update this page as part of the process Open Knowledge Australia

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Thanks @stephen - I’ve contacted a few people in OKI to get things rolling.

Maybe @Mor can let us know how we get that network page updated?

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Sorry folks, the website is currently under maintenance. No changes can be done in the next couple of weeks.

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We from Open Knowledge Nepal would also like to update our page “Open Knowledge Nepal” do notify me, after the maintenance is completed @Mor

hiya @Mor, It looks like the website has been updated. Can we submit updates for contacts now?

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@Starl3n - you can send it to me, but the website is still not updated. I will do my best to push it. @nigelb will update when the new website is online.

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