Stockholm Uni Master Thesis Research Project

I am currently studying a master’s program here in Sweden and would be interested to do my research in the areas of transparency, accountability, right to information, human rights, among others.


@deiemmanuella Amazing! I migrated this to a separate topic. What hypothetical questions come to mind in regards to what you are curious to research? :slight_smile:

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So I’ve been thinking about questions around the effect of technology on government transparency. Also, I realized most developing countries do not effectively implement policies or laws on the right to information. I would like to explore why this is so, and also, how that can be improved. For now, that’s what comes to mind.

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Hi @deiemmanuella! Really cool topic :upside_down_face:

As @mattias mentioned, I believe starting with clear hypothesis for your research would help you narrow down your research and research questions since there are so many angles to transparency. For example, you mentioned the effect of technology on government transparency. A possible hypothesis for this questions could be: Government with higher technology maturity present higher levels of transparency.

With this starting point we would already have some challenges. How to mesure technology maturity within governments? How to measure levels of transparency (which indicators to use). Being more transparent is always beneficial? Why? In which cases being less transparent is more beneficial for the public good?

Some food for thoughts! Let me know what you think.

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@pbragamiranda thank you for your thoughts. I think your hypothesis is really good. I also agree with the issues you raised concerning how to measure technology maturity and transparency. I will definitely look into that in order to get well suited variables for them. In my opinion, being transparent is more beneficial because it enhances government accountability, which reduces tendencies of corruption. On the part of citizens, it helps them to be informed and enhances political participation and deliberation. I would say, being less transparent on issues of state security would be beneficial to the public good. What do you think?

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@pbragamiranda Thanks for adding really interesting questions!

@deiemmanuella I think something that would be interesting now in near time to have hypothesis to use to check in different legal and technical ways: how well does Swedish government authorities live up to Freedom of Information law and Open Data request law?

Could you share more practical info: What is the timeline for shaping and formulating thesis and planning the project so that we can help plan ahead and find really interesting angles and “experiment”? :slight_smile:

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@mattias thank you for your suggestion. The thesis is going to be in the final semester, which is next year, during the spring.

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Nice, @deiemmanuella !

I have a feeling that you have many questions and perceptions and all of those can be tested and checked in existing literature. For example, the premise that more transparency reduces corruption is a big debate in the literature.

I think narrowing down your research questions is a good first step, than we can think about methodologies on how to investigate / test your hypothesis.


@pbragamiranda great!.. Thank you for the suggestions!

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For reasons of impact I’m suggesting to have practical experimentation as it can generate interest for you and your skills and work. Combine that with tested and checked stuff in literature = your research gets more interesting for potential employer et.c.

Great idea👍, thank you! I will look further into that.

@deiemmanuella Does it make sense if we get in touch with you and your supervisor at Uni to learn more about what’s possible? :slight_smile:

Hello Mathias. There has been some changes, and I wil be writing my thesis in Germany instead of Sweden since I have been selected for a one year exchange. Hence, I have not yet been assigned a supervisor for yet.

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@deiemmanuella Ok! Sounds great. :slight_smile: So no-go on researching Freedom of Information in Sweden?

Freedom of information is one of my main interests and I would like to write on that for sure!.. I will give it a go👍

@deiemmanuella Ok please let @Elenor and me know how we can help you using or any info on FOI Sweden or other countries. A really really high demand topic globally is:

  • How much money does FOI platforms like save in tax payer money for government processes in comparison to regular email, phone calls and office visits?
  • And what additional values and benefits do they create?
    This is a really related report: “Turbo Transparency”

Alright. Thank you for the information.

Did you complete your thisis?

@deiemmanuella I also wonder how it went with the thesis? :slight_smile:

Hi…sorry for the late reply. I have started writing my thesis but not completed yet