India's Open Government Data

In a policy brief, I attempt to analyze India’s Open Government Data Portal through the lens of its governing policy, National Data Sharing and Accessibility Policy (NDSAP). The reason for this analysis stems from the belief (and my personal experience) that the only way India’s Open Government Data can have the potential positive impact on India’s Growth logjam is by correcting the modalities of NDSAP. The document can be read at Dropbox - OG3.pdf - Simplify your life


Thanks for sharing @Natasha_Agarwal. Do you think the performance of data publishers would be different if it was a Right to Data law as opposed to a Sharing policy?

Or make NDSAP mandatory rather than optional as it appears now. Of course that is after integrating e-governance standards (which facilitates metadata and data standards and interoperability). My understanding is that making NDSAP not a mandatory policy which means OGD is also an option which defeats the whole purpose of having it in the first place then. Besides, any amount of laws/rules/legislations passed that facilitates only the demand side will not help. There is almost a crisis in terms of infrastructure (physical and intellectual) observed at the supply end which i feel needs to be addressed simultaneously.

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