Is this a strict December 10th deadline?

Hi @Mor & all !

Correct me if I’m wrong, but a month sounds like a shorter period than previously for the census, especially having OGP summit occupying exactly the last one of these weeks. At least in France, every one was overloaded in the latest weeks and surely won’t have much time to focus seriously on the index in these last few coming days.

The OGP Summit ending on the 9th, it doesn’t sound like you planned on releasing the Index results in time with the OGP, in which case maybe it could be possible to extend the survey time until the end of december?

cc @pzwsk @CecileLG

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Cc’ing @KatelynRogers and @tlacoyodefrijol who can answer that question.

Hi Roux,

The official date for closing submissions is December 15. We will close submissions but reviews won’t start until January first, so we will accept submissions people countries that couldn’t submit during the first weeks. We will launch the Index in March, along with the Open Data Barometer, because starting next year we will fusion both methodologies.



Hi @tlacoyodefrijol @Mor & @KatelynRogers,

Thank you so much for this!

We’ve been working with @CecileLG @pzwsk @samgta and other OKFN France & Regards Citoyens folks on preparing a collaborative submission for all datasets for France. We’re quite close now and we will submit it for review to all members this week, before actually submitting it all right after Christmas, probably on December 27th. Let us know if that’s too late and you need it a bit before!

All the best!

PS: It was nice seeing some of you at OGP last week too :slight_smile: