Tax projects at Open Data Day 2016?

Hi all,

For Open Data Day 2016 in London this Saturday, we’re planning to work on some tax data projects with the Tax Justice Network.

In particular we’ll be looking into mechanisms to crowdsource information about corporate tax contributions from publicly available sources, as well as working on what a civil society database for Country-by-Country Reporting (CbCR) might look like.

Is anyone else interested in working on tax related projects for Open Data Day 2016? If so we’d love to hear more about what you have planned!

All the best,


Hey Jonathan,

I don’t know if I’ll make the London Open Data Day - but just to mention that we did some work last year for the Financial Transparency Coalition open data working group on possible data standards for CbyCR (alongside BO, and Automatic Exchange of Tax Information). I’m just following up with them to see if the report can be shared yet.

However, as a starting point, the OECD have provided ‘templates’ for CbyCR in this report (Page 35) which may be a useful reference point.

You could also considering focussing in on extractives industry disclosures, particularly as (a) EITI are moving towards a more data-driven approach to work, but I think need ideas and inputs around approaches to structuring data (their existing data collection templates might provide good input for a civil society database); (b) new flows of data from extractives companies should be coming later this year through the extractives filing service which now has an API for accessing reported data; and (c) NRGI have been doing some work in this area with

Looking forward to seeing how things develop more in this area…

Thanks Tim - all great tips!

We were indeed going to take the OECD template as our starting point, but if you were also able to share the work you did for FTC that would also be interesting to see!