The best place to post your local event?


As we are starting up the Local Groups category it becomes unclear if I should post my event in my country’s Local Group or over at Events and Meetups.

We should provide some direction.

As a suggestion we could:

  • change Events and Meetups to focus on international events
  • post local events (that aren’t focussed on attracting an international audience) in the appropriate Local Group
  • if your country doesn’t have a Local Group, use Events and Meetups

What do you think?


Whilst only a few people read this forum from the Brazilian community, I’ll keep using out mailing list, blog and facebook events to invite people.

I’m not sure if here is useful, at this moment, to make events announcements. Maybe ask for some support for people/communities with experience in running events would be a good use at this moment.

And sharing experiences with the main learnings.


I think it is fine to post in both places.

In a discussion forum the mention is more about helping people discover the activity going on surrounding a place or topic.

If you are looking to keep an active group of people coordinated with regard to attendees, venues, new event happenings, etc. Well in that case you’d be using something like


I don’t think the forum guidelines are supportive of posting in multiple places within this forum; hence my original suggestion.

I agree facilities like are great for advising of new events and managing attendance.

My inclination is to move the Australian events to the Australian Local Group.


My sense is the local events should be posted in a particular local group category. I think we should use the broader ‘events and meetups’ category for opportunities where the broader network can meetup, like international or regional events and such.


Done! Australian events now in the Australian Local Group. The About Events and Meetups topic has been adjusted.