#TogetherVsVirus (April 17-19)

A few weeks ago I helped to run VersusVirus.ch, which I mentioned here and covered in more detail here, and this has inspired forks of the event format in other locations. This weekend, folks in Canada are getting ready to hack and could use our challenges, support, and participation :rocket:

We are looking for daring and innovative ideas that will help Canada show solidarity and emerge stronger from the current difficult situation caused by the coronavirus. In a 48h online Hackathon, we want to develop functional digital or analogue prototypes to counter the virus with tangible solutions. For this to work, the #TogetherVsVirus Hackathon needs a strong, diverse community. That means people with very different perspectives and abilities.

Please ping me if you would like to know more!

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We have a Resources page up on the #togethervsvirus website now with various recommended datasets - including a few things being worked on in the Open Knowledge community - and we would be really glad to get more suggestions.

See my posts here for some thoughts on the situation in Canada, and results of the event: