Open Data Day 2020 event in Hong Kong cancelled due to 2019nCov coronavirus

Unfortunately due to the uncertainty surrounding the Wuhan novel coronavirus outbreak, it has been decided to call off the International Open Data Day 2020 event and hackathon being planned in Hong Kong. See:

While its frustrating that most public meetups and gatherings here have been cancelled in Hong Kong, for people that want to do something to help there are some virtual events specifically focused on understanding and tackling the outbreak using open data and data science being organised.

Open Source Hong Kong are have a project collecting data on the outbreak from the news, press release and social networks, and releasing it under an open license on GitHub:

There is also a 2-hour online tutorial from Data Science Hong Kong on Sunday 9th February, covering programmatically gathering data about the spread of the disease, analysing it for patterns, and visualizing the output.

Many of us in Hong Kong will be watching the ODD activities remotely, and look forward to future public meetups when this crisis has been resolved.


Dear @ScottBGI,

Sorry to hear this but it obviously is advisable to follow government warnings and limit public meetings to halt the spread of the coronavirus.

Thank you for sharing this news. I will update people on the #network-and-community:open-data-day channel as well as removing the Hong Kong event from the map on the Open Data Day website.

All the best,

Thanks Stephen. We’ve written a bit more on the ODHK website:

To do something constructive we are doing an online hangout/workshop on the 9th Feb (starting noon HK/UTC +8) specifically talking about open data and the coronavrius crisis. People can join or watch via youtube here:

If that goes well then maybe some further online followup and participation could be coordinated with ODD2020, but we’ll see how it goes.




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