Tool to create .Net/C# class file from datapackage.json?

Hi, it would be very useful to have tools that automatically generate classes from datapackage.json files. Is anyone aware of such a creature, particularly for .Net / C# ?

For example, this tool: lets you paste in JSON and it will generate a C# class for you.

I’m imagining something similar but with the tighter definitions afforded by datapackage.json this could be really useful!

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Really nice suggestion @NeilMcK. Don’t think it exists yet - any interest in coding something yourself :wink: ?

You know, I would actually consider doing so. All I have at the moment though is a single example of a datapackage.json file for the project I’m working on. Can you point me to any official specification for it?

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Hi @NeilMcK current spec is here:

There is currently much work being done updating it, with which you can follow along here:

Thanks Dan. Given that it is still pretty dynamic, I’m thinking I should wait until it settles down before writing such code. Do you guys agree or is there a recent stable version I could work with now, and then wait for the next stable version before doing updates to it?

Hi @NeilMcK, @pwalsh should be publishing version 1.0 very, very soon along with a blog post detailing recent changes. I can let you know when that happens.