Translating OpenSpending



Once we were creating Polish translating for Open Spending. We then didn’t translate user guide which is now gone (couldn’t find it, it was once before at

My question is if we (as Code for Poland volunteers) would like to contribute to translations, is there any work that needs to be done? If not, when do you plan to release Open Spending Next for being translated?

PS. Changing language at doesn’t work. I get 304 Not modified response. Cache should be sensitive to Accept-Language header or language should be part of pathname.


I have basically the same question from Germany. On the git there are a few translation files available, but there is no option to switch the language on the website. I believe that translation are really necessary if openspending should be used by the broad mass and not just technical experts.


@vitorbaptista @brook do you have guidance on this issue for everyone?


Hey all,

The language is controlled via a parameter on the url.

For example, add ‘lang=de’ to the URL to view the UI in German.


Thanks, that actually helps a lot! Maybe it would still be nice if there was button to switch the language, but for the time that works for us.