Update on the Open Data Impact Map


Olá pessoal!

Encaminho ao grupo este pedido para levantamento de casos de uso para serem incluídos no Open Data Impact Map.

Dear Andrewid,

Hope you are doing well! Since the launch of the Open Data Impact Map as a resource for the OD4D network, we have had over 9000 unique visitors to the website from 100 countries around the world. Thanks to your contributions, we now show almost 2000 examples of open data’s impact across all regions and our database of examples is still growing.

Over the next month, the Center for Open Data Enterprise (CODE) will be adding new, more detailed, use cases demonstrating the impact of open data to the Open Data Impact Map. As part of this effort, we want ensure the Impact Map continues to be a useful resource for this community, and that it incorporates use cases of your work.

CODE will be collecting case studies to include on the Impact Map through April 25, 2018. Please use the following form to provide the use cases: https://goo.gl/forms/3tDyyBwTXAICyVe12


The Center for Open Data Enterprise

Audrey Ariss
Director of Research & Design, Center for Open Data Enterprise
m: +1 917-680-2416 | skype: audrey.aaa