What are GODI's key datasets (and how we define them)?

This is a follow-up thread on a discussion around this year’s results of GODI

As it has been discussed in this topic, people are asking what our results, particularly 0% scores, mean. In this topic we’d like to explain our key datasets, and how we define them. In another thread, we will present you how GODI is scoring key datasets and why.
Both are important to understand our final score.

We also invite all of you to comment on our data definitions (a list of our key datasets is available in this document).

This document explains what key datasets are, how we define them, as well as current challenges. We hope that this can spark debate and thinking how GODI can become more relevant for you.

Please share your opinions with us and others. What do you think about our dataset characteristics? Do they resonate with your priorities? If not, why? All perspectives are welcome - be it government, open data advocate, or data users themselves.

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