When will the GODI 2016 Survey officially conclude?


When will the GODI 2016 Survey officially conclude?

The webpage https://blog.okfn.org/2016/11/10/the-global-open-data-index-2016-is-here/ states that “This year we’ll accept submissions from today until the 15th of December. After this process, the data will have a reviewing period that will start in January… After the review stage, we will send the Index to governments for commenting.”

I work with government of Puerto Rico at the Puerto Rico Institute of Statistics, and have been commenting (by re-submission) on some reviewers’ evaluations. In the meantime, I have noticed Puerto Rico’s GODI rank change on 2 occasions.



Hi @jorenstein,

Chiming in here, as I’m also seeking some clarity on this from the reviewers. I’ve also made a couple of resubmissions for my country.

Hope they will have time to review all resubmissions so we can at least reach an understanding esp. about areas that we did not score well in.


PS. Thanks to all reviewers for all your efforts so far!


Seems that the survey is still open for resubmissions. We are worried that this might give unfair advantage to new submitters. Since the reviews are still being taken into account.


It would be great the next time for the local chapters, to have the results 1-2 weeks in advance to prepare statements for the local press and government before they get published. now we are under pressure to react and translate the results to the general audience, which is not the best way to work.


Hi @stefankasberger - I actually discussed this on a different thread just a week ago about translation.

Anyway, please notice again - the results can be contested and challenged this time, until June 2nd! So we do recommend to say that if people think that we did a mistake, they can report it here in the forum.

We can say that after this stage, the index will not change after the 15th of June.
(and @dannylammerhirt can answer all of your questions about it).


Why is the index officially live, when entries are still to be contested? I have placed significant trust in the index in the past few years and used it as a tool to show officials that the opendata efforts the administration are paying off. I know in a couple of days I’ll see a title in the local press “Data transparency in Bulgaria drops significantly”, which it’s quite the opposite. I already entered all the corrections months ago.