Where to ask questions: forum or email list?

Thanks for creating the Open Definition. I often write and present on Open Source, Open Data, Open Standards, and related technologies [1], and I intend to be referencing this definition from now on. (It is always easier and better to be able to reference an authoritative source).

I have a couple of comments, which I’ll break into separate threads.

Firstly a housekeeping comment: It would be helpful to be clearer where uses should ask questions and get involved. I suggest on the Participate page [2] wording be refined from:

  • “Discussions have mainly taken place on the od-discuss mailing list and new conversations are encouraged on the Open Knowledge Forum.”
  • “New conversations are encouraged on the Open Knowledge Forum. (Old discussions have previously taken place on the od-discuss mailing list.)”

And the description about the Open Definition Category [3] should be updated in a similar manner.

Warm regards, Cameron

[1] Cameron Shorter: The elusive "Open Business"
[2] Participate - Open Definition - Defining Open in Open Data, Open Content and Open Knowledge
[3] About the Open Definition category

@camerons would you like to make a pull request for [2]? Start at opendefinition/index.markdown at gh-pages · okfn/opendefinition · GitHub

Re [3] @Stephen could you update your post and perhaps make it a wiki so others can update as needed?

Pull request created as suggested for 2.: Tweak participation text emphasising forum over email list by camerons · Pull Request #156 · okfn/opendefinition · GitHub

About Category Post is now a wiki. Others can update. :grinning:

I’ve updated the wiki as per my recommendation, and as per git pull request.