Who are the users of opendata?



The second part of the conversation, a set of questions to ask ourselves about the users we are trying to influence/engage/support

Who are my users?

  • Are they from an specific location or area? Which one?
  • Can you reach to them?
  • Do you identify the with the user(s)?
  • Are they from the public or private sector?
  • will the data/application/product be used for…
    • Policy decision making?
    • political influence?
    • Commercial purposes?
    • End user?
  • Do your users have the capacities needed to use open data?
  • Do they need additional skills? Which ones?
  • Do they need funding? How do they get their funds?
  • What is is the size of your user(s)? Is it an individual? A group? A community? A population group?
  • Do they represent someone? If so, who do they represent?
  • Do they have particular demographic traits? do these traits have important implication (like and endangered population or minority)?
  • Are you preaching to the converted? Or reaching to a broader audience?
  • Are they connected to other user groups?
  • Have you asked them what they care about? How do you do it?
  • Do you predict what the user is going to do with the data? Do you expect it be any outcome of it?
  • Are they a direct or an indirect user of the open data?


Interesting! What is the aim of this work? It’s easier to participate in the discussion if its clear what the work aims to achieve in terms of e.g. output and knowledge:) However, I think any efforts in this matter is positive.