Who's heading to the IODC in October?

I’m off to Spain in the first week of October for IODC - a jam-packed week of Open Data nerdery. I know @steven_decosta will be there but is anyone else going?

Moreover, is there anything people want us to look at specifically, or anyone we should be talking to - check out the program and let us know?

I’ve love to hear the latest thinking on ways to make data easier to use. I think there’s a big opportunity in Australia to adopt standards and tools across all levels of government to make it easy to understand and join up data.

Tooling in this area still has a long way to go to help non-technical data publishers describe their data in machine-readable ways. The Frictionless Data project, W3C, ODI and others have created tools such as DataPackagist to help create data packages and CSVLint to validate data against data packages but my experience is that they’re still challenging to use.

I know they’ll be at least one person from Queensland attending with a keen focus on Data + Transport.

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