Open Knowledge meetup at IODC Madrid!

Hello all!

The IODC is two weeks away, and this is an excellent opportunity to meet up all together face to face!
If you are going to one of the IODC pre-events on Tuesday, October 4th (we recommend the Unconference, CKANCon or the Visualizar16 event!), you are welcome to join us at 7 pm to the Media Lab Prado for drinks and networking.

Thank you for @adolflow for helping us organising it!

Let me know if you have any questions!


And tagging network people for this @pietercolpaert @teemu.ropponen @francescadechiara @juliakloiber @samgta @stefankasberger @steven_decosta

Great! I’ll be there!

@Mor, is it on Tuesday 4th or Wednesday 5th? Is there any registration?

Sorry, you are right, Tuesday! I fixed it now!

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Awesome - see you all there (thanks @Mor , @adolflow et al. for organising)!!

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What happened with this meeting? Best!