Who's in charge of the translation teams in transifex?



a few fellow Code for Germany folks and I are trying to translate the Open Data Index into German. Four requested to join the German team on transifex.
But no response just yet. I would love to keep the momentum going and get access to the team so we can start translating it.

Who’s in charge of that. And who can help?



Hi Mila,

Which part of the Index do you want to translate? If it’s questions the easiest way is just using the spreadsheet with the rest of the languages.
For the general Transifex I’ll talk to the team and provide access as soon as possible.



@tlacoyodefrijol thank you for taking the time to answer.
We would like to translate the whole page/app into German, to increase the acceptance here in Germany and the government agencies that will use it to compare each other.



Hi Mila,

As you may have seen, we are changing the Index and Local Census methodology. This means the content and the app will change during the coming months. We’ll probably launch the new version in October. This means that if you do any changes to the Transifex or the survey texts, they’ll probably need to be done again when we launch.
This said, our recommendation would be to wait for the new version of the Index in order to start a new translation, so volunteers won’t have to rework on it. what do you think?


Thanks. But there is an initiative that wants to publish new data as soon as the end of the month. And we want to encourage the community to add more data. Therefore a German version asap would be great.
If someone added the four volunteers, that would be very helpful.




Hi Mila,

I’ll se with @Mor that we can add you to the Transifex. You just need to be aware that even if you capture all the information before the launch of the new version, you won’t be able to compare it and you’ll have to probably translate and capture again.


No problem. But we could have it locally and use the old version with the translation and switch to the new version once that is finished.