A New Open Source 311 / Service Request Management Solution

Hi everyone,

These days I am working on an open source solution for 311 systems called GovFlow:

GovFlow handles the common “311” use cases, but also more general QA, and internal workflow management for persons inside a city managing service requests.

We have broad support for the Open311 GeoReport specification:


As well as the standard flow of submitting a web form for a 311 service request, we support inbound email, and, maintaining a dialog between staff and with request submitters via email. We are currently working on the same “two-way dialog” via SMS and other chat apps.

GovFlow has several aspects of the system that can be customized with plugins, not unlike CKAN :).

We have a number of jurisdictions in the US already running GovFlow in production. We still refer to the codebase as alpha as we have some internal refactoring we want to do on the existing plugins system and the auth.

If anyone is interested in contributing to, reading about, or deploying, such a system, I’d love to follow up over on the GovFlow discussion board or the issue tracker:




@pwalsh this is fantastic! Can’t wait to dig in and learn more!

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