A newsletter for updates about Frictionless Data

Hello all,

If you’re looking to keep up-to-date with tooling or specification releases, events, and other news related to Frictionless Data, a really good way to do that would be to join our new mailing list. Sign up here:


Hi @danfowler,

Other scattered products and tools. I hope this will be linked for the whole OKI repository if any.

Where can I find complete OKI’s information architecture? Where can I find the semantic approach and politic of OKI?

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Hi @dianemercier, no need to worry. The newsletter will really just compile all the outputs from this particular topic into one regular summary. The Open Knowledge Labs blog will remain a great place to stay updated: The Data Wrangling Blog - Open Knowledge Labs

Can explain a bit about what you mean by information architecture, semantic approach, and politic?

I think calling it a newsletter (one-way, summary of relevant content) is better than mailing list (assumed two-way, active communication and discussion).

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Thanks @steko, in full agreement. I even changed the title of the topic :slight_smile: