A phrasebook for refugees


Hi, we at OKF Germany currently support a crowdsourcing initiative to create an open data-based phrasebook for refugees who just arrived: http://www.refugeephrasebook.de

The phrasebooks include words for general orientation (“my name is…” as well as medica and juridical topics (“I need a certain medicine”). Some language sets are already finished, and we get many requests from refugee camps even for our intermediate versions.

We need your support to produce useable phrasebooks and bring them to the people who need them.

You can contribute to the project with

  • expertise in a given language
  • technical knowledge to find better ways to collect / collate / distribute the data
  • coordination with local initiatives to select appropriate languages and phrases
  • 1h of your time to create specific wikibooks versions for your area at https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Refugee_Phrasebook
  • fundraising / partners in your area to get the books printed
  • ?

With your help, this project can make a difference. For questions please contact us at info@refugeephrasebook.de . Thanks!