Mapping local initiatives supporting refugees


I am looking for open data on local initiatives/projects/organisations supporting refugees in Europe, particularly in Germany, France & Belgium.

Any tip?


Hi Margo,

Beside the wonderful The Migrants file - - I would love to hear about similar initiatives as well!
@juliakloiber and @PJPauwels - do you know any initiatives in your countries?

Thanks Mor for replying! Yes, Migrant Files is really well done but I need data on organisations helping refugees/migrants, and the project is not reporting that.

I have found, the map is under Open Data Commons Open Database Lizenz but there is no data to be downloaded from the site … I contacted the people there and hope to hear from them.

For France & Belgium, there are definitely much less to be seen online … still researching.

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@Margo, i found this initiative from Italy today, it seems like they have a lot of data and are well networked, maybe they can help you find local organisations as well?

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Hey @Margo there’s also this French initiative called SINGA (content in English), which is very popular here in France, and who aims at bringing connexions between refugees and locals by organizing joint activities, but also supports refugees willing to create businesses, organizations and cultural and artistic projects by connecting them with the relevant people and other organizations in the host country that can help them develop their ideas.

Recently, they’ve created a program / web application that aims at creating of network of citizens who are willing to open their homes and welcome refugees. They faced a huge success and a lot of people applied to welcome refugees in their homes, which was very positive, and they are now working on making this sustainable.

More info (in French) here >

Hope that helps!

Hello @margo (and @Mor),

As far as I’m aware we have little data on the initiatives/projects and organisations helping refugees.
The only website with a few links on it regarding these organisations is to be found on the Amnesty International webpage:

Other than that, I can’t really think of an organisation mapping non-profits specifically around refugees.

**Regarding general data on refugees: **
The Statistics agency of the Federal Departement of Economy just started with Open Data in October:

All possible data on migration in Belgium and who owns it is described on page two in this document:
A lot of it is in the hands of the Federal Statistics Agency mentioned above. That data is no Open Data yet, but I would be good to ask for the release of it to the Statistics agency. But in the context of your question this is maybe not very useful.


@CecileLG, @Mor, @PJPauwels: many thanks for your messages and links! Well, there is a lot to do on this topic … the most interesting maps I have found are following:

Not easy to find updated and “complete” data since a lot of sources (NGOs / public administration / …) just mention their own projects and don’t offer a large overview on every kind of initiative possible.

Open Steps is working on developing something similar to the German map above mentioned but at a European / global level. The idea is to show data on a map (as a 1st basis) and encourage users to complete it by indicating initiatives/organisations they know. After review, the offered data will be integrated on the map basis and available as open data.

Feel free to comment and suggest further links if you know some!



Margo (and everyone else) - I saw that the Urban Innovation Actions is giving grants for innovation in cities, also in the field of help in integration of migrants. Maybe it can be relevant here?