Adding open data catalogs with some openess metrics


A friend and I are considering to analyze some datasets of two major cities in Colombia: Bogotá and Medellin. I think that an structured approach will be use some kind of infrastructure to report data sets and then use some criteria to evaluate the results. At the end I would like to obtain something similar to the result here: but for the datasets of this particular cities. The problem is that the web place referred is that seems not easy to add new data sets. Someone has an advice on how to proceed?



Hi @Offray, have you thought about creating a Regional or City Census for Colombia?

I created Australia’s Regional Open Data Census that assesses State Government datasets and there is a sister site that assesses data provided by Local Government (i.e. Cities).

You can read about what’s involved in setting up a census and there are people willing to help and doing similar things in this discussion forum.