Aggregated country-level data

I would be interested in using the aggregated, country-level dataset with final scores across the 13 categories of dataset (as well as final score as well, e.g. Taiwan 1’010). I was wondering:

  1. Is there anywhere available on the website a clean dataset with this information? The file available from the download section (“Places”) only has the final score, but I cannot get the scores for the 13 categories.

  2. On a methodological point of view, I was wondering in general how you make the distinction between “n/a” (i.e. countries not included) and true zeros. It’s a bit striking to consider countries like Poland and Slovenia as true zeros while in the 2014 edition of the survey they had almost 50% of the datasets available online. Also, I have noticed that for Slovenia (for example) there are some submissions of data that are still waiting for a review, so (potentially) these submissions might fill some of the gaps and raise Slovenia’s score. In short, I am afraid of being “too tough” with some countries simply because nobody this year has submitted or reviewed the datasets for these countries (although they might be available online…).

Can anybody help me clarify this?

Thank you so much!