Announcing shut down of the Labs server

Hi Labs,

Today, we are announcing that we are deprecating the Labs server in 3 months time. Any apps currently on the server will need to be moved, and we will assist in part of that move. Read on for more.

The Labs server is a physical machine, originally added as a service to the Labs community to host apps. Pretty much anyone who wanted access to host something was given such access. Open Knowledge International ensured the server stayed alive and paid costs of the server, but did not offer any other support for apps running on the server.

Fast forward to 2016, and we have the following scenario:

  • A hosting landscape that makes it ridiculously easy to deploy an app, with a wide range of options, and in many cases for no cost
  • A Labs server which is too open from a security perspective

If you are currently running an app from the Labs server, do not panic. Please jump in on this thread: Announcing shut down of the Labs server and let us know what is running, and we’ll work together to keep it running elsewhere.

Thanks for understanding.


Hi everyone.

With the final in-use service being moved out of the labs server today ( which is now at, we are shutting down the old Labs server tomorrow.

Any questions please let me know.

I’ve triggered the server cancellation. According to Hetzner, the cancellation will come into effect on 6th August 2018, and not before (I assume the delay is because it is a dedicated server).