Labs Hangout April 2016



Hey all, Labs Hangouts are now happening on the third Thursday of each month, which means the next hangout will be…


This topic is now a wiki. Feel free to add to the agenda!


The hangout is an opportunity for folks to present projects and ideas and also to discuss any general Labs items such as improvements to website, events etc.

It is mostly informal and anyone can come along and contribute. If you’d like specifically to present something please jump into the Labs Hangouts Etherpad and add it to the agenda

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Quedada de OK Labs 21 abril 2016
Introducing SpendView
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As mentioned during the previous meetup, we have our own energy-themed hackathon coming up in two weeks at which we would be happy to have your inputs both on-loc and virtual. I’m keeping the thread in the Switzerland forum updated with details. Once the April meetup comes around, I hope there will be some interesting results to share.

Has anyone here been involved with Open Energy Monitoring?

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I have some suggestions for the agenda:

I also hope to to some more work on Labs vision and manifesto which could be shared:


Don’t know what ‘this topic is now a wiki’ applies to. At any rate, I’ve copied the agenda to the etherpad.
And added an item for discussion, re the tcp-eebo texts I’m trying to restore to the datahub. In short, there are many more texts available, but they’re difficult to find, download in bulk, and manipulate. This may be a suitable project for Open Humanities.


Thanks @anterotesis! That sounds great!

I’ve updated the instructions on the topic re: “wiki”.


I will be joining the hangout from the Center for Open Science in Charlottesville, Virginia.


Would love to jump in and present SpendView — Is the hangout open to non-OKFN folks?


Of course, glad to have you!


@manuel are you still available to present on SpendView?

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Just in case you use this as a template for a future announcement, don’t forget to kill the text about adding new agenda items to the Etherpad (About section)


Thanks @tfmorris I have already updated it here: Labs Hangout May 2016