Tech Hangout November 2015



Hey, Labs. It’s been a while. I know lots of people have been doing interesting things in and around Labs, so let’s hangout and talk about them!

  • When: Monday 23 Nov 17:00 GMT
  • Where: Google Hangouts. The event link will be published here and on Twitter via @okfnlabs a few minutes before the hangout will start.


Frictionless Data and other projects we’re working on
Recruiting for Open Knowledge Labs roles



  • Introduction
    • Who is here, what they are doing
  • Questions/Discussion
  • Floor for projects
    • What people are working on?
    • Share use cases?
    • Working together
  • Scheduling December Hangout

@rufuspollock @loleg @Stephen @pwalsh @pudo


The hangout is an opportunity for folks to present projects and ideas and also to discuss any general Labs items such as improvements to website, events etc.

It’s super informal and anyone can come along and contribute. If you’d like specifically to present something please jump into the Labs Hangouts Etherpad and add it to the agenda


  • Monday 23 Nov 17:00 BST
  • Tuesday 24 Nov 17:00 BST
  • Wednesday 25 Nov 17:00 BST

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@danfowler that’s 3am in Australia. I’ll give it a miss. Maybe next time. :sleeping:


@Stephen: i know - its really tough to schedule a time that works for Europe, US and Australia/Japan etc If there is enough interest we could look at doing two calls going forward, one at time that works for US and and one that works for Australia etc.


Or anyone who can’t join in could leave a =<15 second video message for us to play back :slight_smile:


@loleg are you coming? Hope so - and look forward to seeing you.


Hi all, I sadly won’t be able to make it to the hangout nor do I have a camera handy to record a video message.

Last year we released the first version of Datacentral, meant to power the independent PT data portal Central de Dados, where we post and maintain cleaned public datasets under the data package format. Since then we’ve been doing a few design and structure improvements, as well as converting more datasets to data packages.

We’re now going to host a December hackday to work on documentation, metadata editing, and defining a set of editorial guidelines for our data packages – dealing with nitpicks such as README structure, file naming, preferred formats or tagging/keyword structure.

I’m really curious to hear about the development of the data package ecosystem, particularly of any efforts to improve data packages beyond the technical spec – best practices for publishing and maintaining them, how to ease newcomers into editing the JSON metadata files, or what tools would be good to have for packaging.

I’ll be following the etherpad to see what everyone’s been up to, and hopefully can participate in the next one.


Thanks, that sounds great. Please add any recent updates regarding your project here:


Hi Dan,
I can’t edit he pad.


Link here:


Error : « It’s taking too long to connect you to this video call. Try again in a few minutes.»


Still going. Can you try again?


I am a mathematics professor, interested in data justice, data sharing in the sciences and data protection (EU legal sense). I maintain the safe-harbor datapackage. I am trying to keep abreast of developments in many groups working with metadata (examples: RDA, GA4GH), trying to find common problems and thinking of common solutions.


I’m interested in contributing to projects along the lines of coding / scraping data. Perhaps other stuff too. I can commit a few hours a week.


That’s excellent to hear :smile:


At Montreal we are concerned about all irritants associated with of the open data. We are planning to do an important activity on this theme during the OKFestMTL, 12 April 2016, a co-located events of the

So we are very interested to contribute to the “frictionless data ecosystem” (mainly about corruption - related data). See also the web site


Hi @rlafuente can you add info about DataCentral and your December hackday to be included in the upcoming newsletter?

Maybe create a project page for DataCentral?