Beta Version of Election Nepal Portal Released

Last week we launched the Beta version of Election Nepal Portal. Election Nepal in a crowdsourced citizen engagement portal which will include Local Elections data which is going to be held in Nepal at 31st of Baisakh, 2073 (14th May, 2017). The project will present a different type of data generated before and after the election in interactive visualization which can be easily understandable to the local people even with low digital literacy. The portal will also work as a hub for election data, the datasets included in Election Nepal portal will be completely in machine-readable format, which can be easily reused.

Portal Link:

It would be awesome to get more feedback on it, We are working on it enhancement currently.

Looking forward!!


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Neat! Are you following OpenElections · GitHub?

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Thanks Dan, Yes I had been looking that since a while as a reference :slight_smile: But since the Election Data of Nepal is different, we are also woking on the develop our own module.

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Will you try out on the data repo? Let me know if you need any help!

Sure Sure will give a try :slight_smile: