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This is a discussion about the submission for elections / nepal.

Gone through Reviewer comment and find that the Election Commission Nepal site was down during review phase. What a shame but looks like they are up and running now. Had nothing to discuss but if possible let’s make a change :slight_smile:

The Data related to Election are available online in open format but they are not Openly Licenced.
URL: Election Commission Nepal


Good to know! Yes, this happened quite some times. It is the same answer as in this topic here:

Do you know when they were up and running again?

It’s a different thread, The results of Nepal’s Elections can be accessed from here:Election Commission Nepal.

Hi @nikeshbalami,

Apologies for my late reply. I checked the URL, there is one question left. Does the data actually show polling station data? I can see that it is separated by “district” and “const”. What does “const” mean and is this similar to polling station level? Given the high voter numbers I doubt that, but would love to hear your thoughts first.

Otherwise we cannot accept this dataset (we only focussed on highly disaggregated elections data at polling station level this year, I’m happy to add a note about the availability of this dataset though)

Ohh I got it @dannylammerhirt, Since this is the aggregated one and consists districts and political parties wise winning distribution, unfortunately, it lacks polling station level data. At here “Const” means in numbers of areas in which districts are divided.

It okay, if we can add a note about the availability :slight_smile: