Can I reuse the icons of

Hi all,

I am currently making a D3 visualization that shows how the budget of my city (Turin) has been allocated over the years. At the moment, I am mostly doing this as an exercise to practice my coding skills. However, there is a chance that this may be used as part of a campaign to promote open government data.
I was wondering if I could reuse the WDMMG’s icons representing government functions. Of course I would credit both WDMMG and Open Spending.
I found this page, but it only has the OS’s logo. Would it be possible to have the icons as svg paths? (though .png files would do as well)


Hi Federico,

That sounds great! @CecileLG can tell you the details about the logo’s etc.

I just wanted to flag this to Open Spending Italy. @steko have you already been in touch?

Best wishes, Anna

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Hi Federico, your project sounds really cool !
Of course you can re-use the WDMMG’s icons that you can find here, and to give you a sneak peek, we are currently about to release a new version of OpenSpending where we’ll provide an improved version of uploading a budget data file and get multiple visualisations.

We’ll be very happy of you could contribute as it’s a project made by and for the community, so if you have 5 min some day, we would be please to take you through it. In which format do you have your Budget Data file right now? ( CSV / JSON ? )

Thanks a lot for your interest!
And many thanks @Anna_Alberts for pinging :wink:



I’ve fallen rather out of contact unfortunately, perhaps @maurizio_napolitano @napo can chime in?

Thanks a lot!! :smile:
I will happily share my work with the community once it’s done. As for the data, for now I’m using what I found online (via Openblanci). I’m hoping to get some more information directly from the municipality, although I do not want to get my hopes too high :stuck_out_tongue:
Eitherway, the idea is to leave the json and csv files available on the page :wink:

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Wonderful @Federico ! Hey look, can I talk to you about this in more details, I’m really interested in the methodology you’ve used ! Can you contact me by email?