Case studies on community capacity to use or create open data?



I’m looking for good accounts of projects etc, that include coverage of the skills and capacities of individuals and community organisations to harness open data. I am interested more in discussions around specific technical and practical skills rather than more nebulous political or institutional issues.

These might be academic papers, organisational reports or longform blog posts.

This is the kind of thing I’m looking for, though accounts of specific projects would also be great:

Johnson, M. P. (2014). Data, Analytics and Community‐Based Organizations: Transforming Data to Decisions for Community Development. I/S: A Journal of Law and Policy for the Information Society, 11(1), 49–96. Retrieved from


Hi there, this is Javiera from the Open Education Working Group, last year we edited this small handbook with case studies on using open data as open educational resources in HE and also with @leohavemann we published a paper on Open Data for citizenship skills development, hope these help




Hi Paul,

We’re using some community events to increase and share the capabilities of the local community to harness open data in the form of a mixture of hackathon and workshop made regularly called the Data Week and giving some account of how we are using data to insert alternative views of hegemonic discourses. The Twitter data selfies is giving account of some advances on this front. Also I’m developing some arguments and prototypes on data continuum live environments to empower more individuals to participate in complex data stories. May be this could be useful for you.



Thanks Javiera,

These look useful


Thanks Offray, these look like interesting projects


Hi Paul,

We (Shared Assets) just published a report about how to give common good land users better access to data. This includes community groups doing things like growing food or managing woodlands or parks. We interviewed 16 groups about land data, as well as talking to relevant experts in data community/ government etc.

Short summary - the community groups have very limited awareness about open data on land, let alone the skills to access it. No one in the data community is aware of their needs, let alone responding to them.

Let me know if you have any questions - you can find the report here.