CKAN in Singapore - lets meet and do some high fives!

As has been mentioned via the twitters, the CKAN instance for is one of the prettiest around :heart: :

I’m pretty sure we can rope in the responsible parties on the 28th of October during CloudAsia and catch up to learn more about what they think of CKAN, where they hope to take their beta project and everything else ‘data’ that is in overlap with CloudAsia.

Lets work out a place and time via the discussion here…

Oh, I should make it clear that I’m there 100%. I’m speaking on the 29th and really looking forward to being back in Singapore again for CloudAsia. The APAC region has sooooo much going on with data and while ‘open’ data may not have been in focus as much as other regions of the world over the last few years I’m expecting a very big leap forward in the next few years to come from within Asia.

IoT, Real Time, Big and OPEN.



A quick follow up on this thread.

The presentation at CloudAsia went well and the slides are up here:

As usual I had a bit to say about ‘why’ open data and ‘why’ CKAN with lots of reference to how it is getting done from my direct experiences in Australia.

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