CKANconUS - May 29, 2018 - Oakland, CA

All presentations are now available at here. :point_left:t4:

I like this easy to understand document. I “wish” there was an easy way to add my thoughts to your document. I’m not sure how to post my words on new technology, just yet.


this is nitpicky, but i think engaging librarians/archivists is an avenue the open data community should specifically be targeting. idk which keyword would make that better, or even if it is applicable, but maybe engaging the openglam communities too? open glam (galleries, libraries, archives, museums)


Point taken @jalbertbowden. In my book, one of the marquee installations of CKAN is How do you suggest we modify the CfP and the announcement to address the OpenGLAM community?


i have no clue. actually been pondering how to go about engaging all the local librarians in richmond regional area a lot lately. i think its going to come down to a boilerplate email in my case. in this case…maybe ask them? Wikipedia:GLAM - Wikipedia
maybe reach out to the western pa open data group that has been making so much headway?


Agreed. Instead of waiting for all the talk proposal submissions to come in, you can proactively invite GLAM folks who are working in this space to submit a proposal. I’ll invite WPRDC folks and perhaps you can reach out to your network?

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not sure how i forgot this, but definitely be worthwhile to ping code for philly and their contacts behind Endangered Data Week. i cannot remember which institution the edw people are from, but do know its a college’s library.

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Looks good! I’ll be there and hope to talk about my recent CKAN work :slight_smile:

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Wish I could make it along Joel :slight_smile: Looks like a great event and big thanks for pushing this ahead! The US needs CKAN, a strong Open Source option for data publishing. And, CKAN itself needs the US! There are some great initiatives going on there, especially at the city level. Bringing the work into the project and improving features that will help other cities as they move past jurisdictional ‘govt’ data and toward civic services data is a big win for everyone.

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Thanks @Starl3n! Your presence will be missed, but I still look forward to seeing you in IODC CKANcon later this year in Buenos Aires!

And yes! The US needs a strong CKAN ecosystem to build out its data infrastructure, and CKAN needs the US to advance a global standard for a strong open-source data management platform!

@Bytemarks and I in the US OK node are doing our best to foster better collaboration within the ecosystem.

Like you said, there are several experiments & innovations happening in the US at various levels not just in govt, but also in academia and the private sector -; regional data portals like WPRDC and LAcounts; Boston; Philadelphia; Columbus; and so many more…

Hopefully. between the webinars; this forum; and CKANconUS - we can facilitate a more robust #BuildWithNotFor dynamic, so data portals don’t become just bespoke websites for data, but essential, standards-based, open-source data infrastructure that’s built by the community collaboratively.

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Hi everyone!

The program for the first #CKANconUS is now up!

And since we want this to be a conversation, the conference format is very interactive and we slotted a Moderated Community Roundtable Discussion to get everyone involved.

If you want to nominate additional topics for discussion during the roundtable, please add your suggestions here.

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Does anyone here know where there’s market level stats on:

  1. number of open data portals at city, state and federal agencies
  2. number of those that are powered by CKAN


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There is the US City Open Data Census

and the new version is

It’s self-reporting and they don’t capture technology used. But I can envision using the census data to scrape the info…

Cool good call on the census and would be cool to track the portal technology. Note there’s a very long tail of little municipalities with thousand cities and special districts beyond what’s there

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I like the easy to understand format. How can I easily “add” my thoughts, not erase someone’s post, to the link? My apologies administrators.

Does OKI have a internal wiki or can we share goggle documents, to edit?

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