Coming to Italy in March 2016


Hi all Open Knowledge Italy folks!

I am going to be in Italy for quite a bit of March – in Florence to be precise.

I would really like to get in touch with local Open Knowledge Italy folks – and generally anyone interested in openness and open information.

Who are the best people to contact in Italy? Is there anyone in Florence or in nearby cities?

Could we organize an Open Knowledge Italy meetup one weekend?

Poll on a Short Online Call to Plan any Activities and Meetups

All times are in Italian CET timezone. Call will be 15-25m. Will take place on Skype or hangout.

Please select all that work for you.

  • 5:30pm Friday 4 March
  • 6pm Friday 4 March
  • 5pm Sunday 6 March
  • 7pm Sunday 6 March

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Hangout 6 Mar 2016 - Rufus Pollock in Italy Planning

Hi Rufus,

I live near Pisa and I am interested in the meetup weekend or in
whatever else can be organized; I am also contacting other people I know
in the are that might be interested in such a meeting, I’ll get back to you,




Florence is in city well connected with the other aroud Italy.
Yesterday called me a good guy of the municipality of Florence on the topic of open data.
Maybe we can organize some in Florence
I’m also happy to reach you from Trento.
If you want we can organize an event in Bologna togheter with Marco Montanari and other guys.

Someone that you MUST meet is @aborruso He is in Palermo (you need to fly) and he is one of the best active user in South Italy.
In Siclia there is the group “Open Data Siclia” -
You have to go and meet this people!!!


Are you also available for the open data day?
I suggest you to go in Napoli or Taranto


@rufuspollock here in Trento we have a project called “Futura Trento”.
Inside the project there is a section related to the dissemination.
We are proud if you want come to speak with us about "civic tech"
What do you think?


If you can, I suggest Taranto! Main topics will be: data about places of culture, environment monitoring (With live demo about Air quality index) and opportunity that data can offer. For dinner we go to eat raw fish. Raw fish now!!


Hi @rufuspollock, in Napoli we are Vesuvio, sun & open data day. We will be happy to have you with us


Dear Rufus, at the University of Catania we are just starting to deal with Open Knowledge (see and the PRISMA project). Thus I would be very glad if you would like to meet our students. However, if you will visit Sicily in some public meeting I would strongly attend. Thank you and have a good time in Italy.


Fantastic to here from everyone. It would be great to meet people and I could travel.

I think the best way to move things forward efficiently would be a short 15-30m call. I am going to put up a poll at the top of the topic for a time to have this.

Please vote in the poll - you can also write a reply saying if a certain time is impossible (unfortunately the poll does not record who voted for what!). Also if there is anyone who would like to help coordinate the call that would be great (things like organizing skype or hangout, pinging people etc).

Re Open Data Day: @maurizio_napolitano and others: unfortunately i won’t be travelling anywhere this Saturday as I am committed in Florence and helping organize Open Data Day in London from afar :slight_smile:


OK, 5pm Sunday Italy time is looking best so I have scheduled a call for then.

I’ve started a new topic with details:

Please indicate there if are able to come or not.