Planning an Open Knowledge Meetup in Vienna March 2016


I, Rufus Pollock, am coming to Vienna in March 2016 and would be available to meet folks either on evening of Sunday 13th or during the day of Monday March 14th (slight possibility I may still be in Vienna on Monday evening).

This is thread is about organizing a meetup – either a public one or just an informal one with local Open Knowledge folks.

Thoughts and suggestions welcome!

Meetup Time Poll

  • Evening Sunday (7:30pm)
  • Lunchtime Monday (1pm)
  • Afternoon Monday (4/5pm)
  • Evening Monday (7pm)

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Public or Informal Meetup (or Both)

  • OK Public Meetup (announced, people invited)
  • OK Informal Meetup (just a coffee or lunch) - mainly for OK folks
  • Let’s do both!

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hey Rufus,

I could be around and it would be lovely to meet you, for a relaxed drink or a public meetup, as we wish I guess.
i will get in touch with some other folks here to discuss some ideas what we could do. will try to link them to this thread, we (OK-AT) anyway want to use it more in the future and connect with others.

cheers, stefan


@stefankasberger @kalte2707 great! I’ve also added a poll so people can vote.


Thanks Rufus - regarding the MeetUp - we have an Vienna Open Data MeetUp already scheduled for 17.3. - thereby I personally think about an adhoc meeting either with the OK.AT team to discuss what is going on in OKI and OK.AT and how we could work together on important issues more closely - or open the floow to all interested folks for a 2 hours meeting with you - but then it might happen that we have a mix of people and discussions with little outcome…have voted for my preferenced and availabilities - cheers & looking forward to welcome you in Vienna in March - martin


Understood - it would be nice to keep this open and bad luck they are so close together.

@kalte2707 so far we only have 3 votes here. How many folks are there around in OK Austria - would be nice to hear from all of them on this thread.

@kalte2707 @stefankasberger also what about setting up Austria local group section here on the forum plus the badges etc - that way this community directory can really function effectively :smile:


lot of people are travelling on this date, and others are quite busy right now I guess. maybe lets keep it simple and block monday evening between 18 and 21, where we can ether eat or drink something or organize spontaniously a small gathering. @rufuspollock what do you think?

regarding austrian local group in here: we use slack right now and with the resources we have, there is already too much communication to keep track of. but maybe in the future.


@stefankasberger - could you put down a list here of the folks who are actually on the Board of OK Austria. Then we can try and work out which of them is actually available or not. Also

Re the local group section: the point of this site is (finally) to have one in central place a community directory that allows people to connect across different chapters. One does not have to use it as a major communication place but by having the group and the badge it is possible for us all to have a simple up to date picture of who is part of OK Austria – and make it easier for someone like me travelling to Austria to connect with you all :smile:


Welcome to Vienna / Wien. I try my best to come to the meetup if there’s any interest. Try to follow along this thread to see what date & time gets decided Note: I’m not a OKFN member - so just let me know if I’m welcome.

Thanks for all your great work. Love the data package initiative and thanks for the football.db support (by posting my blog post on the okfn labs blog for the World Cup in Brazil - maybe lets do another for the Euro 2016 in France - not much has changed really about the state of open football data).

PS: Maybe some is interested in some open data projects I help out (question, comments, welcome in person or online, of course):

  • world.db (open public domain world data)
  • football.db (open public domain football data)
  • beer.db (open public domain beer & brewery data)


@geraldb you would be super-welcome to any event that happened :smile:

Are there any specific times that work for you of those proposed?


@rufuspollock Thanks for the consideration and kind words. All times proposed are good. No worries.


a suggestion: open football data (with european championship in mind) as topic of an informal open data meetup on monday evening (19h)? something easy going/fun, had anyway too many heady talks & meetups the last year. i would help, if someone else wants to do it together.


That sounds a great idea :slight_smile: Light and fun is the way to go here!

I would happily give a short intro and update on Open Knowledge type things and @geraldb could share on the great stuff he has been doing and we could hear from anyone else who was interested.


Sounds great. Always up for a short (10 minutes or something) talk about open football data (e.g. football.db) and the Euro 2016. Just let me know [1]. Disclaimer: I’m not a stand-up comedian :wink: Looking forward. Thanks for helping out. Cheers.
PS: Just a reminder - no worries - an informal meetup without a football.db mini-talk is great too.
[1] Just in case my email is gerald.bauer AT


@rufuspollock: @stefankasberger and I talked today about possible formats for the meetup. How do you feel about a fireside chat, similar to the one you had at OKFest 2014? This time, you’d be the interviewee of course. The topic would be looking back with you at the past 10+ years of Open Knowledge. We were thinking about a one-on-one chat for about 30-45 minutes and then we would open to the audience. After the group discussion, we could then have @geraldb’s talk as a bridge to the informal part of the evening.


@pkraker No worries. Do the fireside chat - nobody is interested in the football.db anyways. If anyone is interested, you’re always welcome to talk in person or check the project site -> All the best. Thanks for organizing. Cheers.


@geraldb not sure i grokked your response - the plan is to have your talk as part of the meetup :slight_smile: - i want to hear about the work you have been doing including football.db! I’m also looking forward to meeting you in person.

@pkraker i think the fireside chat would make sense and would be nicer than a general intro from me. We could have @geraldb’s talk before or after (and maybe if there are short talks from others they could go then too!)


@geraldb i am also really interested in the football stuff. maybe before makes more sense, but its up to you.

i already reserved a room between 17 and 21. So i would write tomorrow a blog post and a meetup for a fire-side chat with @rufuspollock at 7PM and a short talk about football.db from @geraldb with open end and share it online. meetup should be finished around 9PM. it is at Raum D in the Museumsquartier, so its very central with a lot of bars and restaurant around where we could then follow up for a beer or something to eat.

@rufuspollock would you also be interested to have a small informal meetup with OK-AT Chapter people before, to discuss OK related stuff?

have i missed something?

Vienna Informal Meetings (including OK-AT) 14 March 2016

Hello, again thanks for your kind words. No worries. Looking forward to the fireside chat and meeting you in person. And - of course - thanks for the others for organizing and the invitation. Keep it up. Again no worries about trying to fit a football.db talk into the program.


I will be there to, great so see you guys then


@rufuspollock can i start with sharing the event, is it fixed from your side?