Hangout 6 Mar 2016 - Rufus Pollock in Italy Planning


If you hoping or planing to come please drop a comment below


Rufus Pollock is in Italy (Florence) in March 2016. He would like to learn about and support activity around openness and Open Knowledge in Italy whilst he is here – for more see Coming to Italy in March 2016.

Purpose and Agenda

Purpose f the call would be:

  • catch-up on what is happening in Italy (openness and Open Knowledge)
  • identify opportunities for meetings or connections whilst Rufus is here

Notes from the Meeting

See this google doc

Coming to Italy in March 2016

I’ll join the call; today I shared the info about the call with the people at the IODD in Rome,

talk to you tomorrow,



@davidegalletti great.

/cc @steko @maurizio_napolitano @francescadechiara @sabas @aborruso @Federico - which of you folks will be able to make it? I guarantee this will keep to time!


Sorry, I can’t make it :pensive:


My name is Alessandra Donnini, I would like to participate to hangout, but I’m in a place with a low signal. I am a member of the association “Stati Generali dell’innovazione” board, I spoke with Flavia Marzano, the president, and since you’re in Florence in March we could organize an event in Rome, in Chamber of Deputies or in a University, it depends on the date on which you could come.


@Alessandra_Donnini no problem - if you can join that is great (and you can have video etc off).

@all: i am on the call now!


@rufuspollock I have spoken to Flavia Marzano; she is happy to organize the meeting in Rome; she is going to contact the Chamber of Deputies to see which date (22nd to 24th or 29th to 31st) is possible.
I asked her to join this group and to post here the updates.
I also posted the fact that you are here in March on the Open Data Toscana group on Facebook: hoping to get some feedback there too.


@rufuspollock I’m sorry for yesterday but it was impossible to connect hangout. What about my proposal? We are interested in open data. I’m in a little company where we are developing a product related to cultural heritage and in Italy there are very few open data in this area.


@Alessandra_Donnini sorry you could not join and thank you for posting. I saw your message and assumed this connected with the similar proposal of @davidegalletti in this thread - does it?

I am hoping to go to Rome for events in the week commencing the 21st March (probably one of Tues/Wed/Thurs of that week) and would love to meet people there.