OK Italy Meetup March 2016


We are organizing a meetup in Bologna with Rufus. Ideas and suggestions welcome. The Italian community will gather in BO and talk to Rufus in person, discuss future developments etc.

Join us!



Vote for a Time

Note: we imagine virtual participation via hangout being possible. If you can join only by hangout please still vote for that time but leave a note in a comment saying that you can only join virtually.

  • Thursday 24th March 2pm
  • Thursday 24th March 6pm
  • Friday 25th March 2pm
  • Friday 25th March 6pm

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OK Italia Meetup - Bologna - Thursday 24th March 2016 6pm

Present: @rufuspollock @francescadechiara @sirmmo @maurizio_napolitano @Javiera_Atenas @AnnalisaM Damiano Avellino

Key Actions

  • Development of the Membership Programme [Francesca]
    • new Membership form
  • Appointment of Ambassadors at local level [Marco and Francesca]
    • Document in Italian need to be signed (OK Local Ambassador)
    • Identification of potential Ambassadors
    • Aim to have at least 5 by next meet
  • Another online hangout in April for meeting of Ambassadors [Marco to lead with support from Francesca]
    • At least 7 participants
  • Appointment of Ambassadors for Italian Working Groups
  • Open education / open access in the Universities (Contact point/Mentor: Javiera Atenas)
  • Open Science: Damiano Avellino (has expressed interest in becoming the Italian Ambassador)
  • OK Italy new website [??]
    • Need to rework the website to update and simplify (maybe just one home page)
  • Projects to be re-launched [Francesca + Maurizio]
  • Next event
    • Raduno Spaghetti Open Data SOD16 - Trento 6-8 May 2016


depending on the amount of people we can have and set up different locations, both private and public.

Possible dates could be 21,22 or 23 of march.
Obviously, the solwer the decision, the more difficult it becomes to keep the rooms free.


Happy to join, I’d able 21th and 22th. Do tell me if it needs any help for choosing location or anything else


@sirmmo @francescadechiara i am wondering whether a weekend would be better (as per the call). For me 21,22,23 are likely out as I am travelling now to Rome on the 22nd.

I also suggest we do a poll and give an option for in person (in Bologna) or online (by hangouts). Either way suggest we aim for an afternoon or evening (say 3-4h) with perhaps a meal (if in person).


@sirmmo @francescadechiara I’ve added a poll now - can you please check if these times are feasible (and if these do not work or there are others e.g. Saturday or Sunday that would work please say asap).

@nelsonmau @dagoneye @steko @maurizio_napolitano … please vote in the new poll.


honestly, except thursday at 2pm every day is good for me. Sunday is unfeasible because it’s easter sunday. Saturday might be good.


I voted, unfortunately I can join only via hangout. Sorry about that!


Thursday could be fine. Not sure about the time (6pm), since I need to reach Naples before Easter.


@francescadechiara As you are almost certainly essential could you confirm exactly what times would work for you out of thursday / friday and saturday.

I an increasingly of the sense that even if some of us meet in person in Bologna some people will join via hangout.


best time for me is thursday at 2 pm, same day at 6 pm is the alternative.

on friday/saturday I can’t be in Bologna in person



In this period I really difficult to move from Trento.
You have also to add that this is the week of Easter.
Bologna it is easier to reach but I need more time to reschedule my activities.
I am very sorry to don’t have the opportunity to meet you .
Since 2010 I’m carrying the name of Open Knowledge in Italy under the motto “talking & making”.
As long as you will remain in Italy?


OK Thursday 6pm looks good.

@Sirmmo if we do do in person in Bologna can you arrange a convenient space? Would you also be able to provide a good internet connection so others can join via hangout.

@francescadechiara / @sirmmo / @maurizio_napolitano who should we specifically be inviting to join via hangouts - remember the primary purpose of this meeting will be to look at next steps for OK Italy (not “openness” in general in Italy).


@rufuspollock right! Our goal is collecting all the people involved under the “hat” OK Italy here with precise identity and actions. We love study how break the obstacles to increase the open knowledge and create tools to join people.


Hi everyone! Once established the meeting will be on thursday evening, deending on the real-life attendance I can propose my team’s office (Via Castiglione 28, we can host up to 15 people and have good internet connection) or another venue (always reacheable in central Bologna with decent Internet).
I know of around 8-9 live attendees, so the first location could be feasible.


Hi all, my name is Annalisa, I work in HE in the UK but I’m from Italy. I recently discovered about OK Italia and I’d love to contribute, if and whenever possible. I’ll be following this meetup via hangout :slight_smile:


Great. Let’s aim to meet there. What time is the space free from?

In terms of time I can do 2pm or 6pm but imagine 6pm is better for most people to join as they have work during the day (please shout if you really think we should do 2pm).

Shall we aim for 1730 to start promptly at 1800?

@francescadechiara will you be coming in person? (@maurizio_napolitano I assume you cannot and will join via hangout).



@rufuspollock Yep, I’m coming in person. See you there
@AnnalisaM Thanks for joining :wink: Talk soon!


@all: I have added location and hangout link to the main topic entry at the top of the page.

@sirmmo I’ve added location to topic details. Please you confirm this is correct.

@sirmmo + @francescadechiara Can you also send me a private message with your phone number.

@francescadechiara @sirmmo @steko @maurizio_napolitano please help in notifying all relevant interested people and emphasize they can join by hangout (hangout link is above).


The location is correct, Via Castiglione 28, Bologna. I work here, so the location is already open before and we have wi-fi, so if you arrive a bit early and want to use our wi-fi connection waiting for the meeting, there is no problem with that. @francescadechiara will be here from 4.30-5.00. I just have a call from 4 to 4.30.


Hi I’m Javiera and I co-coordinate the open education working group, I’m also will be joining via Hangouts as I’m currently working with @chiaracio, @AnnalisaM and @francescadechiara in some open ed - open data projects