CSOs in the Balkans working with fiscal data



Happy Labour Day everyone.

I’m searching for CSOs active in the Balkans who already work with fiscal data or intent to do so.
My goal is to get an overview of how many fiscal data active/interested CSOs are in the region and how they are connected with each other.

If you know any or if you yourself work with a CSO that fits that description, would be great if you reached out.


Bosnia: http://www.cpi.ba/ (we did http://budzeti.ba/ with them way back when)
Albania: http://spending.data.al/en
Kosovo: https://opendatakosovo.org/

Perhaps also:
Croatia: http://gong.hr/en/


For future reference, what does CSO abbreviate? :slight_smile:


CSO = Civil Society Organization


Doh! Thanks for the information.