Data portal location symbols

Some of point symbols for data portal cities appear in the wrong location. How are they loaded (auto scraped from website etc.), and what is the QC process? I’m happy to help w long/lats if you have a process to clean up data. Thanks, Andrew

Hi Andrew,
thanks for the offer to help. If you’re comfortable using GitHub you can make changes and submit a Pull Request on Portals.csv at master · okfn/ · GitHub

If not, reply here and we’ll come up with a Plan B.

The QC process is manual location and inspection by an Editor. (We could do this better but don’t have the resources at present).

Yes I muddled my way thru Github and have a local copy, will edit and
repost on my clone and pull the request at that time. “Learn one new thing
a day, my late gran said, and you stay young”. Andrew

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Hi, I pushed the portals.csv commit back, let me know if you see a file
posted just now, c/w shape file for QC. Let me know if anything isn’t
right, and I can email spreadsheet and shape files if needed. Look forward
to seeing the result w correct map locations posted #grin

Thanks for the changes Andrew but I can’t see a pull request at Pull requests · okfn/ · GitHub

Perhaps you’ve just updated your copy of the repository?

I prob just did that. Github’s new to me and docs aren’t the gr8tst for
non-coders, so let me try & finish it 2moro. Cheers, Andrew

OK try it now, thanks, Andrew

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Thanks! I can see the pull request and will review, comment and hopefully accept. Please be patient but feel free to provide a polite nudge now and then :grinning:

OK np, it’s for y’all really, not for me :slight_smile: although it IS a perennial
issue - just fixing another map w cities off the mark, and you know how we
are about our own back yard… in fact I got a standing ovation 12 yrs ago
in Baku, why I wondered? I was the first to show a map w the Azeri exclave
of Nakhchivan Auton. Rep.! Thing is, no one ever heard about it, unlike the
contested Nagorno Karabach next door LOL Google Maps

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Thanks Andrew - Done!
Thanks Rufus.

You’re welcome. It’s not too hard it just needed a method and bits of time
here n there to go thru it all. Your portal index is a great endeavour, and
I’ll revisit from time to time to find map gotchas.

Created new pull request for one Argentine correction I missed (#131 in
portals.csv), Cheers, Andrew

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