I did a data portals site for you :-)

So I realised I’ve been working on some software at work (Open Source) that might be of interest for this.

Check it out: http://dataportals.jmbtechnology.co.uk/

This is the map page: http://dataportals.jmbtechnology.co.uk/field/location/

You can browse by any field, like tag: http://dataportals.jmbtechnology.co.uk/field/tags/

Or license: http://dataportals.jmbtechnology.co.uk/field/license_id/

Anyway, it’s all on GitHub - I’ll document the build procedure later. The software is still early days … But briefly the data source is a folder for each portal with one text file in it, and we can add logos and screenshots to each folder to.

Just wanted to get any feedback …


For reference, here is what one of the text files of data looks like. Much easier to edit than CSV :stuck_out_tongue:


Ann Arbor, Michigan




City of Ann Arbor


City of Ann Arbor




City of Ann Arbor's Open Data Catalog (USA)






Ann Arbor, Michigan













Not apparent



Thank you @jarofgreen. My first impression is the views you provide are a great way to highlight some data quality issues in the dataset. I’ll explore some more…

@jarofgreen https://discuss.okfn.org/users/jarofgreen - very interesting,
thanks! Would be interested in checking out the code and understanding how
the data gets synced with the source of truth (the .csv on github)


Quickly typed up docs, there you go - https://github.com/JMB-Technology-Limited/StaticSquish-Data-DataPortalsOrg


It shows the UK is split into 2 - GB and UK:


So clearly the data needs a clean-up.

Hello, It’s just been pointed out to me this site is now off-line. I had a hurried server move recently and this got lost. Sorry! :frowning:

At the risk of being cheeky … Is there interest in using this to replace the current site? I seriously think this offers more features in being able to search and show the data more. Also, it’s data format of a simple text format instead of CSV makes editing data from a GitHub repo much clearer and easier.

If there is another PHP dev here who is interested, let me know - happy to chat and collaborate.


Super keen to have a look when it’s back up - it might be a useful exemplar for something I’m working on over here :slight_smile:

http://dataportals.jmbtechnology.co.uk/ is back up - but it doesn’t update automatically, so check the real site for latest data!

I moved this into a new project - see Working with community data on GitHub: New Project DataTig for more