Moving database to CSV in Github


We are moving the database from this Google Spreadsheet to a CSV in github as per this issue

Editors and Contributors

Going forward you will edit via a pull request on github.

We also have an online editor for github CSVs:

TODO: full instructions for this


See github issue

How do we make corrections to existing data entries?

@stephen @alexfriant @ewan_klein @jgkim working on this right now and should be live soon.

Please refrain from editing the google spreadsheet :slight_smile:


I have completed the migration and the site is now running off of the CSV in github

Please start adding new portals to the list :smile:

The other thing I think we need is some draft instructions on how to contribute covering:

  • New portals - individually
    • Non-tech - use google form
    • Techhy - add direct to CSV in github
  • Bulk add: add to CSV
  • Correcting information

We probably also want to think about things like scripting certain functions, like geolocating portals.


@rufuspollock Great stuff.

Just eyeballing the CSV in GitHub. It looks like it was sorted alphabetically (by name?), then a bunch of rows (non-sorted) got appended at the end. What’s the policy on this going to be? It would be easier to avoid duplicates if the list stayed sorted.


@ewan_klein great point - let’s try and keep it sorted. Are you happy to submit a PR to alphabetize it?


Happy to contribute to the non-tech documentation.

Should we add a Support / Contribute page to to document all the contribution options?

The Google form has some help text. What else do people think we need in the way of guidance?

I like the geolocating idea. As a stepping stone, should (Lat,Lon) be added to the Google Form with some help on locating the centroid of your geography?


@Stephen +1 on the contribute page. I suggest we draft the text somewhere first - in repo or a google doc and then use. I also plan to start linking an “Improve this information” link from each portal page to that documentation so people know how they can add info.

Re lat/long i think we should think about that - i think people may struggle in the form and we can auto-add if we know place name - could you open a github issue for this.



Yes, I’ll have a crack at this at the weekend.


Google doc started for Contribute page:


I’d like to contribute (tech or non-tech), please let me know if you need any help. Thanks.


@papajo would love your contribution! As a start please take a look through the issues. Please add any comments you have and add a comment where there are ones you can take on: