Deadline for submission is extended - now until the 28th of September!


Hello all,

We got lots of requests to extend the Index submissions time. If you missed our tweet about it, just to let you know you can submit until the 28th of September.


Some questions:

  • What time zone will be used to close submissions on 28 September?
  • Can people still comment after submissions close?
  • I notice some countries have only submitted the new datasets. What impact will not updating existing entries have on their standing?

I’m excited to hear the results when they’re announced at the OGP Summit in Mexico in late October.

Will we have a new Top10? What impact will the 5 new datasets have? Can’t wait! :alarm_clock:



  1. Time zone is 11:59 am PDT.
  2. No, people can’t comment after submissions are closed.
  3. I have noticed that too and emailed them. In order to be published in the Index all datasets should be submitted.

For more questions, ping me here!