Downloading the data (postcodes) files



How do I download a postcode data for a given country? I tried a lot, including Downloads page but could not find any link or way to do that.
Or, am I presuming wrongly and this data is not available to be downloaded?


Hi @Anay_Mittal,

From the Locations dataset page on the latest Global Open Data Index, click on the name of any country which has postcode data available. Let’s use Australia as an example.

That will take you through to a country page showing the GODI ranking for that country across all dataset categories. Click again on Locations here and you’ll get to the country-specific page with full details about whether or not postcode data is available. Here is Australia’s postcode page. Clicking on either the Details or Meta data sections will provide you with URLs or download links for the dataset if it is available.

Hope this helps!


Thank you for the clear directions! I followed the example it did lead me to a huge file-