Entry for Administrative Boundaries / Bosnia and Herzegovina


This is a discussion about the submission for Administrative Boundaries / Bosnia and Herzegovina.


The Submitter (Arianit Dobroshi, @arianit ) provided the following details on downloading the “Administrative Boundaries”:

- Full offering for the Federation http://www.katastar.ba/servisi
- Full offering for Srpska http://www.geoportal.rgurs.org/erdas-apollo/catalog/

but was unable to connect to the WFS endpoints using QGIS to validate that all the shapefiles fulfil the needed criteria.

@codrina Any tips, maybe I am missing something?

@arianit Could you elaborate further how you actually was able to download the datasets in order to confirm the characteristics are met?


These are not WxS URLs. Indeed, they are links to a geoportal, but it’s difficult for me to find out if there are any WxS (such as WFS, WMS, WCS etc.) services provided because I don’t understand the language and I can’t look. :slight_smile:
For example, a WMS URL looks like: http://instatgis.gov.al/arcgis/services/New/MapServer/WMSServer?request=GetCapabilities&service=WMS


Thanks @codrina.

Any feedback @arianit on my comments?


Hi, sorry for the delay in responding. You have to send in a paper application and I believe pay to get the login for access to data. Form is the link in this page http://www.katastar.ba/koristenje App is ArcGis, I did not see the actual data.