Entry for Draft Legislation / France


Two parliamentary chambers developped their own open data portal in ordre to give more visibility to the legislative work.

_ National Assembly: http://data.assemblee-nationale.fr/_*

  • legislative data
  • deputy in activity
  • historical of deputy
  • Legislative records
  • Debate in open session
  • amendments
  • votes
  • questions to the government
  • Oral question without debate
  • written questions
  • meetings
  • Representatives of interest
  • Parliamentary reserve

_ The Senate:http://data.senat.fr/_*

  • Senators
  • Allocation of parliamentary actions
  • Legislative work
  • Amendments
  • questions
  • reports


Thank you for pointing us to these resources @romtal. They are the same as we have in the entry for this data set so we won’t change the submission.


The french draft legislation is “downloadable at once” as it fulfills the requirements stated in the methodology. In the case of France as large amount of data are in question the downloads are organized into sub-files (cf. Answer “yes”, if you can download all data at once from the URL at which you found them. In case that downloadable data files are very large, their downloads may also be organised by month or year or broken down into sub-files.) Thus, their download is very easy and doesn’t require “many manual steps to download”.


Well, it would be hard to download everything at once since not everything is available :wink:


Thank you for the observation @romtal . In the first comment it seemed like a request to update the data sources, but you are right in your observation about bulk download and we will change accordingly.


Sériously? Draft legislation 100% open in France??? Anyone with a minimum of interest on the matter knows it’s false…
What is not clear in “content of bills” does not exist as open data?
See Entry for draftlegislation / fr


And thanks as well for the change there @tlacoyodefrijol