Entry for Draft Legislation / Tunisia

This is a discussion about the submission for Draft Legislation / Tunisia.

I am the reviewer for the Draft Legislation submission for Tunisia. I cannot find information on the author of the bill. It is possible that this information is on the full text of the bill (the PDF document), but since I cannot read Arabic, I am unable to verify.

Can somebody who reads Arabic check the text of the bill for reference to its author: A sample can be found here: http://www.arp.tn/site/projet/AR/fiche_proj.jsp?cp=96529

Alternatively, if any one can locate the information elsewhere, let me know.

That’s a draft for a law submitted by members of the Tunisian parliament. There is a table (list) for the signatures of those who submitted it. Hard to tell names from signatures though

Based on the information @gr33ndata provided, I have indicated that author of the bill is not present given the fact that it is difficult to discern the name of the person based on their signatures.