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This is a discussion about the submission for elections / ro.

Despite reviewer’s comments, the data does include the number of spoiled ballots. Complete data for older elections, starting with 2004 (LE: corrected), is available on the Electoral Authority website but it has to be downloaded for each scrutiny separately, using the menus. However, for each scrutiny it can be downloaded in bulk.

I happen to work in this field and the Romanian Electoral Authority is usually given as example for transparency, internationally. Ironically, GODI gives it 0% openness. No other comments.

What are GODI's key datasets (and how we define them)?

Hi @ovoicu,

Thanks for your pointer, we will look into this dataset again.

For this year’s assessment we applied our assessment consistently to all required data characteristics to increase the accuracy of our comparative ranking. Only assessing election results if they are on a polling station level is an issue that others in this forum have been discussing already.

We see that at least 25 percent of all assessed countries comply with our criteria which gives us some justification to say that this data is feasible to produce. However, there have also been quite some objections against assessing election results on a polling station level. We will get in touch with the National Democratic Institute, our main contact point in this matter, to advise how to proceed.

But we are very interested to hear how the Romanian government perceives of this topic. Do you know someone from government who could join this conversation, or do you know their position on this?