Entry for emissions / no

This is a discussion about the submission for emissions / no.

It would be helpful to get more information from the reviewer on what is meant by “Data quality in source is questionable.”.
It seems like the actualy data has not been surveyed, and the data source only been reviewed on the basis of a description on the website?

Drawbacks for the entry is:

  • Requires registration (your email gets put on an email list where service interruptions etc. are announced)
  • No open licence
  • Bulk-download (unsure about this)

Thus, I believe this category to be scored too low.
Would be great to get more feedback here, so that we can forward this to the organization in charge, and they know more precisely what to improve upon.

We will check this, @livarb. Thanks for flagging!

Hi Livar,

I went through the site here and got to this map. Is that the tool you mentioned? If so, we will change the submission accordingly. If not, could you link directly to the data?


Hi Oscar,

I’m referring to the API, which one have to register for.
I understood that this counts, but naturally gets points subtracted for not being completely open.

The API is mentioned here, and there’s an email to contact to get registered:

The API is already in use by newspapers to show live air-quality data.
Example here (widget in article): http://www.bt.no/nyheter/lokalt/--Darligere-luftkvalitet-pa-morgenkvisten-324381b.html

@dannylammerhirt: do you have the URL to the original submission for emissions/air quality for Norway?

Thank you for this obervations @livarb I’ll take a look at the API and change accordingly.

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Hi Livar,

The original entry can be found here: http://global.survey.okfn.org/submission/32ed4d6b-eeeb-4b1b-8bfb-73c6f1966776