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Gone through reviewer comment and felt sorry, Found that Nepal Government changed the Domain from http://climatenepal.org.np/main/index.php to http://pollution.gov.np/homePage for the Air Quality monitoring in-between review phase. So, if possible would like to discuss the change for this also :slight_smile:

The current portal includes real-time Air Quality monitoring data with all index mentioned but they are not Openly Licenced and can’t be downloaded in Bulk.
URL: http://pollution.gov.np


Hi Nikesh,

Do you know when this happened? We only accept updated data where we can prove that they have been online before or including March 15. Great pointer and thanks for being so vigilant!


Yes Dan, The site http://pollution.gov.np was up and running before March :slight_smile:

Hi Danny, Will these datasets be changed and updated at the GODI16 result?? I think we are now done with dialogue phase.


Hi @nikeshbalami,

Yes, we are going through all topics here (there are just many things coming in simultaneously so we are not always immediately responding :slight_smile: ).

I look at this topic here now

Hi again :slight_smile:

So I checked it, it provides a nice (even though slightly slow) interface

The problem is however, that the data only partly comply with our criteria (PM10 and 2.5) which are very important pollutants, but not all of what we measure. This year we only assessed data if they fully complied with our data descriptions. As it is, I can add a reviewer comment and say that this website exists and how people can see the data. Yet, no scoring is possible here

Also, there is a nice “Research and Data Access” button. Unfortunately without any underlying link. It would be fantastic if this could be added at some point.

That would be great @dannylammerhirt and exactly something I want. Currently, this dataset consists a link of the old website at GODI and changing that link into the new one will work fine :slight_smile: